! Love in every Bite !

Made from Scratch 

As everything is hand crafted from scratch, cakes, pies, cookies, pie crust, icing, etc... there is a bit of love that flows from my heart to my hands into every delicious treat. That is prepared to excite your tastebuds! 

Caletta Curry

Owner Operator (Baker)

As a little girl I remember spending time in the kitchen with my late grandmother Mary Ruth Wilson baking. I notice that she would make delicious desserts all from scratch. I thought I was just spending quality time with my grandmother not realizing a love for backing was being nurtured. Many years later, in 2020 I said to my husband I want to bake a cake and he "side there is cake mix in Cobert" I responded saying no I want to make a cake from scratch like I did with my grandmother.  So, I went out and got all the ingredients and equipment I needed and made the first of many desserts and Delightful Pleasures by Caletta Curry was birth!